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Find UK area codes quickly and effortlessly with

2018 saw the launch of an exciting project – an all-encompassing virtual repository of knowledge about dialling codes in the United Kingdom, which is quickly becoming the ultimate resource for finding and validating correctness of UK area codes.

read more >> – a comprehensive virtual database of Canadian businesses is a platform dedicated to business information about companies operating in Canada.


Collect data on NY companies faster and more effectively with NYBizDb

New York is a cultural and economic hub of the world. No wonder thousands of budding entrepreneurs choose this city as a birthplace for their businesses


UpHours is the Resource You Never Knew You Needed

Google doesn’t know everything. If you’ve ever searched for the hours of a particular business, you know what it can be like.


Build STI-free future with raTrust

RaTrust is a charity set up in 2013 to help spread the word about the importance of STI and HIV prevention.


Unique interior design thanks to DecoPlanet

Modern interior design is all about the unexpected and the unique

read more >> offers access to key information by postal codes

Even if the internet contains information about practically everything, it's still relatively hard to find a database that would actually cater to the needs of average users.


Customize your walls with DecoPLANET

Renowned manufacturer of custom-made wall decorations is launching services in Ireland with the release of


A Rush of Fresh Air on the Virtual Short Course Scene

During the last decade, the importance of non-traditional education settings has increasingly grown. Many workers and employers recognize short courses as an efficient way to study and gain new skills.


Data Lab Now Recovers Data in Warsaw

Data Lab, a professional laboratory of data recovery from Poznan has now expanded its scope to provide their innovative services to the citizens of the Polish capital, Warsaw.


Profesjonalne Pozycjonowanie Becomes a Seasoned Player in the SEO Game

Profesjonalne Pozycjonowanie has for the last eight years provided high quality e-marketing, e-PR and SEO services in countries ranging from Poland, Czech Republic and England, to Ireland, Germany, Australia and the US.

read more >> Adds a New Destination to Its Offer

Our busy lives seldom give us enough time to properly plan and prepare our meals, no to mention count calories and make sure that our bodies receive the required dose of vitamins, mineral and other nutrients.