How to Write a Press Release

InspireNano wants to make sure that your company gains visibility and that we remain a credible source of information for the media. That’s why press releases published on InspireNano must meet certain quality standards. Remember that only submitting news written in compliance with the below rules can help you get more visitors to your website and new clients.

Press releases written for InspireNano must:

InspireNano reserves the right to decline press releases that don’t follow the above rules.

A press release consists of the following three elements:


The title, being the first line of the text, is the most important part of your press release in terms of catching the attention of the readers. It should tell them what it is about. Devote a little more time to writing your headline and it will surely bring you positive effects. Write more than one title for your press release and then choose the one that catches your eye.

The title should reveal the subject of the press release but don’t make it too long. Titles on InspireNano are limited to 100 characters. It is best when all the words in the title begin with a capital letter.


If your title was good enough to interest your readers, you need to keep up that interest with your summary – sell your press release to the media or clients. If you are writing about your new product or service, emphasise its novelty and benefits of buying it in the summary.

The character limit for summaries on InspireNano is 250 – it is usually a single paragraph of three to five lines. Remember to use the standard sentence case – only the first letter in the sentence and any proper names should be capitalised.


he body should have a minimum of two paragraphs and 250 words. The maximum number of characters for InspireNano is 10 000. Remember not to copy the text from the summary – that’s not what the summaries are for. Your text will look and read well if you leave a blank line between individual paragraphs.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship verifies that the published content was written and submitted by a real person related to the business, as opposed to a content mill. You may recognise articles with Google Authorship by someone’s picture next to the link in the search results page. This is a very easy way to build your credibility and a positive image of your company, and to improve your ranking in Google. In order to add Google Authorship to your press release, you need to go to your Profile on and enter the URL of your Google Plus page in the right box.