UpHours is the Resource You Never Knew You Needed

Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2016-09-28

Google doesn’t know everything. If you’ve ever searched for the hours of a particular business, you know what it can be like.

Google doesn’t know everything. If you’ve ever searched for the hours of a particular business, you know what it can be like. Sometimes, the first answer is wrong. You show up at the closest location of your favorite chain restaurant, only to find out that they’ve closed an hour ago. UpHours understands your frustration, and they’re committed to ending it. This website presents the hours of operation for a variety of business in an organized, easily searchable format.
It’s easy to get what you came for
When you’re looking for business hours, there’s really only two places to go. One is entering your query into Google and hoping it’s easy to find the answer, and another is to go to the company’s website, and hope you can find the information there. The problem with going directly through is a search engine is that you’re still required to click around until you find what you need. With a company’s website, they’re more concerned with advertising their products and services. You’ll have to sift through a whole host of information before you’re able to locate what you need.
UpHours exists solely for the purpose of providing you with opening and closing times. There’s no labyrinth to go through. Simply search for the specific location you want, and the information will be all spelled out for you. You won’t have to navigate through a restaurant’s menu or a hardware store’s advertisement to find the answer to your simple question.
You’ll be able to find anything
It’s the middle of the night. Your children are sick, and you need to get them medicine. You don’t want to drive out to the pharmacy to find that they’ve been closed for hours. You can get an instant answer on UpHours before you waste your time. If you find out that the closest pharmacy is closed for the evening, where do you go from there? UpHours has you covered. Simply search for similar businesses in your area, and you’ll be able to find one that’s open. You’ll be able to get what you need without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops. This makes UpHours more than just a website with a large list of times, but also a directory when you need something right away.
With all of the information floating on the web, it may seem like everything you want is a click away. You’ll be able to find tons of facts on Wikipedia, but things as simple as business hours tend to get tucked away into dark corners, needing to be excavated.
UpHours is providing a service we can all use in our everyday lives. Even if you only want to peace of mind about whether your favorite place to grab a drink closes at midnight or 1 AM on Saturdays, one direct search provides you with the smoothest route to the answer.