Key US Companies Data is Now Accessible Free of Charge

Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2017-11-08

It's safe to say that access to exclusive company data was revolutionised by the spread of internet.

It's safe to say that access to exclusive company data was revolutionised by the spread of internet. Anyone ranging from economists and journalists to researchers and shareholders can quickly check critical data about US corporations today. Internet users look for all kinds of business information, ranging from their headquarter address to detailed financial performance.

Still, people looking for information concerning large international corporations or small businesses might encounter a serious setback in the form of complex online directories where information is hard to find and often fragmentary.

The strong trend for businesses transparency powers the emergence of platforms which are designed to help average internet users in finding key company information. One such service is Bizset, a brand new directory which was created to bring information about companies located in the US to users interested in researching the American market.

BizSet – for whom?

Bizset is clearly dedicated to anyone interested in exploring the US market. It's an excellent help to all job seekers who can learn more about employers before deciding whether it's worth to apply for a position they're offering.

Journalists and researchers can use Bizset's neat database as a source for quality information required for complex statistical analyses. It all boils down to this – a user who wants to learn more about an American company will get all key information in just a couple of clicks.

The value of access to company information

It's impossible to make consumers trust a business without a degree of transparency. That's why brands strive to create meaningful relationships with consumers on social media by sharing behind the scenes materials that show company life and culture. Businesses share more information about themselves than ever and this trend is reflected on platforms like Bizset.

Following this standard, Bizset faces the challenge of business directories in terms of user experience and usability. Online databases tend to be much too complex for average internet users who don't want to spend hours learning search modalities before making their first inquiry. They need answers and they need them right now. That's why they get discouraged by labyrinthine directories that often feature outdated or fragmentary data.

Bizset fills this market gap by providing users with key company data on a very user-friendly platform. Browsing the directory, users can be assured that all data is accurate and constantly updated. To make searching easier, Bizset offers a special search tool intended to help visitors in checking information about any existing company in the US.

Just a few clicks, and users can enter complete company profiles filled with lots of practical information. Among others, Bizset displays all website addresses, phone numbers and a selection of company e-mails, as well as the company address displayed on an interactive map and practical contact information. The creators of Bizset plan to add other data to the platform in the near future, for patents or company filings.

Bizset is a platform which effectively renders complex business data accessible to average Internet users, helping them to learn more about companies operating in the United States.