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Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2018-04-16 is an online repository of knowledge that contains information about world population and demographics is an online repository of knowledge that contains information about world population and demographics. It organises the data and presents it in a form of user-friendly charts and readable tables. The idea behind the platform is to aid analysts, students, academics and businessmen in their research by providing them with reliable and up-to-date population datasets. Thanks to looking up population and demographic data has never been so simple.

The platform is divided into several sections. The home page houses a brief overview of world population data. is equipped with innovative live population clock counting world population up-to-the-minute. There are also 6 virtual flashcards that contain demographic information about particular geographic areas, from Latin America and the Caribbean Region to Asia. Each region has its own dedicated page where you can find detailed demographic statistics. After clicking on a hyperlink to a region of your choice you will be redirected to region subpage that contains information about population, median age and urban versus rural population distribution, all presented on user-friendly charts. Beneath, you can see a detailed table outlining historical population distribution between 1960 and 2018. The table presents population count and how it changed in relation to the previous year, migration rate, median age and the number of people living in urban areas. After that, there is a chart depicting estimated population, median age and urban versus rural population between the years of 2019 and 2050. At the very bottom of the region subpage there is a chart analysing historical and future estimated rate of population growth. Each chart and table is accompanied by a brief commentary for increased informativeness.

The developers behind understand that various lines of business and research may look for more detailed statistics, therefore on the platform you can also find population and demographic data concerning not only main geographic regions, but also countries from all around the world. The internal hyperlinks to country subpages are located in regional sections, so that you can quickly choose the country that you are researching and explore its demographic data with no time to spare. Country subsections contain historical and future estimated statistics not only about population, median age and urban versus rural population distribution, but also about density, life expectancy and fertility rates. On the very bottom of the page you can find links to other countries located nearby.

The undeniable advantage has over other websites of the kind is the fact that it publishes information collected from official government documents and other verified sources. Given that, the datasets available through the platform are reliable, trustworthy and current. is equipped with a supersonic search engine which, combined with a set of smart algorithms, is able to retrieve relevant data within a matter of seconds. And the intuitive layout of the page, together with modern colour scheme adopted by the developers make using the page very enjoyable. On the top of that, the platform is compatible with all kinds of portable devices which means that you can have this handy tool always within your reach. Such attention to detail makes the ultimate online resource for demographic data.