Datastical – a brand new virtual repository for medical and carrier companies from the USA

Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2017-10-11

Almost 80% of US residents use the Internet on a daily basis and an average American spends as much as 8 hours per day online.

Almost 80% of US residents use the Internet on a daily basis and an average American spends as much as 8 hours per day online. These figures show that over the years the Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives and we have pretty much gotten used to the fact that Google knows everything. Such arrangement is very convenient, as there always is a resource that is able to provide us with the right answers. But even when conducting basic Internet searches we often need to go through a number of web pages in order to find the exact information we are looking for, because many hits contain unreliable statistics that need to be verified further.

When it comes to US medical and transportation companies we can find multiple databases featuring basic business information. The problem is the data is often outdated or obsolete. Considering that, a need arises to categorize and organize the information about US companies. This has inspired the developers behind Datastical to come up with an all-encompassing virtual repository of companies operating within medical and transportation industries to provide the users with a reliable source of information about medical centers and carriers in particular area.

Datastical came to life from an overwhelming need to manage the information we can find online. The developers responsible for designing this powerful online tool used state of the art technologies and cutting edge web design techniques to produce easily manageable, yet extremely powerful search engine ready to retrieve the data one might need. It is the perfect synergy between form and function for easily accessible knowledge. The platform collects information about various US companies, groups it, and presents it in an organized fashion. It utilizes charts and graphs in order to depict market trends and make research analysis more enjoyable.

But how does it work exactly? The database was created basing on a set of verified information obtained from official company registries and government websites. Data sets were then used to create detailed company records. Each company featured on Datastical has its own dedicated page that contains company address, contact details, handy maps and general staff information. Profiles of carrier companies are additionally supplemented with DOT number, as it is the responsibility of motor carrier operators and drivers to know and comply with all applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Datastical understands the need of having the most important company updates all in one place, therefore the developers have dedicated a special section of the page to information about audit and inspection findings. On each company profile page you will also be able to find information about licenses and permits. All that is presented in a readable and modern way. In order to search Datastical records you can use conveniently located search bar that is placed on the home page or browse alphabetically organized company index and manually look up businesses that interest you. Datastical can successfully be used by individual clients, business owners or researchers, as the information is delivered in a user-friendly format understandable for everyone.