Collect data on NY companies faster and more effectively with NYBizDb

Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2017-03-17

New York is a cultural and economic hub of the world. No wonder thousands of budding entrepreneurs choose this city as a birthplace for their businesses

New York is a cultural and economic hub of the world. No wonder thousands of budding entrepreneurs choose this city as a birthplace for their businesses. International corporations proudly set up their headquarters in the Big Apple as the city maintains the vibe of one of the fastest growing economies in the USA. Activists take local markets by storm and startups have competitive environment to thrive and prosper. Interestingly, small businesses are the hidden power of New York as they make up 99 per cent of all businesses in the city. There are over 2 million companies and startups which employ an overwhelming number of almost 6 million people.

Considering the numbers, it is often extremely hard to wrap your head around the business scene of the NYC and the State of New York. Finding company data in an intricate web of unreliable information often turns out to be mission impossible. Some general databases are simply outdated as it is hard to keep up with constant changes on the market. Luckily, NYBizDb has a tailor-made solution to help you navigate through the sea of New York companies and helps you quickly and conveniently find company contact details with just a few mouse clicks.

The idea behind NYBizDb is to make company data available for everyone. Whether you are looking for a particular company in your neighborhood, or just doing market research to get to know your competitors, with this innovative platform you will have up-to-date company information always at your fingertips. NYBizDb gathers government statistics and available corporate data and presents them in a user-friendly form, so that every visitor has complete company profile. The platform uses cutting-edge technologies and powerful search engines to gather and retrieve data. It also enables its users to filter information in whatever way they need to. There are several ways to take advantage of platform's functionalities. You can search for a business by its name, address, postal code or corporate extension. Let's say you only have limited information on the company you are trying to find. By using NYBizDb search you can input just the postal code and corporate extension and you will be presented with a list of companies from particular area that fit the initial profile. The only thing you need to do next is to go through the results and choose the exact company that you are looking for.

Depending on how much information a company is revealing to the public, the hits from NYBizDb search can contain company's general registration details, together with its current address, phone numbers, mailing addresses, date of establishment and jurisdiction. You can also find registered agent of particular company, its CEO and representatives, web address and a short description specifying the industry and line of business. Every entry is accompanied with a detailed map which will help you locate the business and other companies situated nearby.

The functionalities of this virtual tool can also be used to create maps of local businesses from a specific area for market research purposes. By looking up all companies assigned to a particular postal code you will be able to assess your competition and, basing on the results, find out the needs of local communities, so do not hesitate and give NYBizDB a try today!