– a comprehensive virtual database of Canadian businesses

Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2017-11-28 is a platform dedicated to business information about companies operating in Canada. is a platform dedicated to business information about companies operating in Canada, where users can find comprehensive business profiles. It came to life from the need to organise and structure the data about Canadian companies floating aimlessly around the World Wide Web.

With all your searches concerning business information are just a few mouse clicks away. The platform is equipped with a smart index that displays all companies featured in the database in an alphabetical order, so that the users can look up their company of interest manually. After finding the right fit, all you need to do next is to click on the name of the company and you will be redirected to a profile page containing all information you might need to find out the details about your potential contractor or competitor. Each company profile page contains full legal name of the business and its current address. It displays province in which this company is located, as well as corporate ID and business number. The users are also informed about the status of the company – whether it is active, dormant, or out of business. Furthermore, there is a brief description of a business and an interactive map. Interestingly, the site also displays links to other businesses located nearby, thus enabling the users to compile a full profile of a particular district or area. The platform is targeted towards business owners, researchers, analysts, entrepreneurs and individual customers who now have a valuable new resource on Canadian companies at their disposal.

We live in an era when information is the key to success. There are multiple business directories available on the Internet, but many of them feature incomplete or outdated company information. As a result, Internet users need to visit several web pages or browse through countless search engine results just to build a satisfactory profile of a researched company. There are also official corporate websites, though even there essential data is often hidden in an unintuitive tab that is hard to find. Given that, a need arose to create a business directory optimised to satisfy the expectations of company owners, market analysts and other Internet users. is an all-encompassing repository of knowledge about businesses registered in Canada. It features information about small companies, local contractors and big corporations. What distinguishes from ordinary business directories is the fact that the data published on this site is pulled from government websites and official registration documents to provide maximum credibility. On the top of that, the information is constantly updated to satisfy the needs of the users. The database already features hundreds of large, mid-sized and small enterprises and is constantly expanding to pave the way to the future of online business directories.

Canada is home to numerous companies, therefore an inexperienced researcher could get lost in a maze of redundant or obsolete data. The only way to fully understand the market is to base the analysis on reliable information. offers unlimited and free access to all company information featured in the database. It is compatible with all kinds of portable devices which means that you can have this powerful online repository of knowledge always at your fingertips.