A Surge of Inspiration at Oneflare

Author: Yac Yac | Date: 2015-03-12

Oneflare, a one-stop platform that connects its users to local service providers, has just launched an inspiring new feature called Scrapbooks.

Oneflare, a one-stop platform that connects its users to local service providers, has just launched an inspiring new feature called Scrapbooks. Users can add photos of interior design and architecture to create their own scrapbooks, which will also be visible to other people visiting the website. Oneflare has also introduced a free Scrapbooks app for iPhone that helps to keep track of interior design trends and inspiration on the go.

The reason behind launching this new feature is Oneflare's determination in providing the best specialists in the area to all those who wish to change, renovate or maintain the interiors of their homes. How does it work? It's fairly simple – after logging in, all we need to do is fill in a form, providing precise information on what kind of service we need. Within hours, Oneflare will introduce us to qualified specialists in the area. No problem will be left unanswered – among the dozens of trades on Oneflare, we find painters, pest controllers, cleaners, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, landscapers, renovators. All in all, Oneflare connects Australians with over 35,000 local businesses.

Requesting a service is completely free. Once we complete our query, Oneflare will provide us with 3 to 5 competitive quotes from various professionals, all of which are verified by the platform. Choosing the right specialist is up to us – Oneflare allows to check customer testimonials, compare detailed prices and view business profiles. After that, the only thing left to do is pick a service provider and get connected.

Just like customers, businesses can sign up at Oneflare for free. Oneflare protects its customers with a Home Care Guarantee – if something goes wrong with the service provider hired through Oneflare, the platform will reimburse the customer for up to $500 to finance a different specialist. The On-Time Guarantee, on the other hand, secures that service providers arrive on time. If they're late without at least a 1 hour notice, Oneflare will pay the customer $50 for the lost time.

Oneflare is of great help to customers and small businesses alike. Thanks to its fair policy, the platform is a safe and efficient service, where customers don't lose time looking for the right specialist. Oneflare always provides several options to choose from – another feature highly valued by customers, who can compare service providers on their own and pick one they prefer. Business owners can widen their network of customers and benefit from job queries that are already posted and waiting to be picked up.

Oneflare is a smart service that helps its users to save time and money, allowing Australian service providers to advertise their offer and gain recognition for their excellence.