Jack Wieczorek

Jacek Wieczorek Jack is an IT specialist who boasts his own company that has over the years gained acclaim on the IT scene and became successful in answering the needs of the market. Working to his achievement, Jack always had a thought at the back of his mind – the wish for creating a genuine online news platform. His interest in the novelties of modern technology has finally resulted in the concept of, where Jack ensures the website's high quality by keeping it in line with brand-new technological strategies and is also responsible for the marketing of his unique creation.

Yvonne Brady, editor

Ever since she can remember, Yvonne was an avid enthusiast of all things English, starting from the labyrinthine corridors of English literature and ending with the vast technicalities of the language itself. Yvonne spent her youth studying every nook and cranny of English philology and further developed her interest in the English language. Over the years, her passion for the language led her to become an editor and proofreader for a variety of web portals. Combining her lifelong fascination with English and an interest in marketing, at Yvonne makes sure that the quality of press releases is top-notch and all published materials meet the requirements and expectations of the portal's users.